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Sunday, January 9, 2011

A Sneek Peak!

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I tend to bounce around from "thing" to "thing" when it comes to art.  Lately, my "thing" has been digital illustration. I'm so excited now that I feel I have a style and can do it right. I've been doodling up a storm.  I have so many ideas, so little time etc etc. My intention eventually is to turn some of my digital illustrations into little note cards, frame-able prints etc.  Of course, the realities of life tend to dictate my priorities *wink* so we'll see how quickly that happens.

These are some non-colored/un-papered illustrations....just the bare bones templates that can now be turned into what ever I'd like them to be.  I was so happy with how they turned out, I wanted to share them despite the fact they're technically unfinished.  First I doodled the designs then turned them into vector illustrations.  Hopefully I can get back at them soon to bring them to 'life'.  See if you can guess what 'holiday' the first note card designs will be for! (I know.....I'm sooooo not sneaky!)

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