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Monday, October 17, 2011

My Digital Prints in Action.......and a *new* FREEBIE!!!

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Before I get to the freebie, I wanted to share with you all some examples of my custom prints in "action". ;)

I decided to have the "Family Tree" I've been working on printed to see what it looked like in "real life"....since I wasn't "feelin' it" on the screen.  To my pleasure, *I like it*!!!  I do, however, notice some minor things I would change if I were to have it printed again....such as making the outlines/detail lines on the birds thicker, and changing the font for the initials on the tree entirely.  For now, it's standing on one of the dressers in our master bedroom (I haven't found the time to actually hang it yet)....but I really like it where it's standing for now... ;)

I've got three of my customizable prints hanging in my hall bathroom right now as well....just wanted to share them with you so you could see some possibilities for displaying them.  :)

And now the new Facebook Exclusive Freebie!!!

I've made for all my new and loyal Facebook fans a collection of iPhone and BlackBerry backgrounds and computer/laptop two different seasonal designs and a variety of sizes. If you don't already....please go and "like" my IBPB facebook page to be taken to a download link for the different download sizes.  :)

If anyone missed the Autumn banner that was the previous IBPB exclusive freebie, I will offer it to visitors of my blog for free for a limited time. :) :)  Click on the image below to get your banner!

As always, the freebie files are for your personal use only.  Please do not give the digital files to others...instead, please direct them to IBPB where they may download their own.  Many thanks!!!


Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Just One More Thing.....

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Before I disappear for a week (see post below), I wanted to share with those of you who aren't on facebook a digital print I have been working on for some time now.  I've been posting "revisions" of the print on my facebook page and asking for feedback....because although I really like the idea, I didn't care much for my original result.  Based on the feedback I've gotten, I've progressively been making some changes to it.   Below is the first set of before and afters.  The picture on the left is the original...the one on the right the first revision.

And again.....the one on the right (below) is where I'm at now.  I've tweaked the tree, the birds, and the colors...Perhaps not quite there yet? But getting closer.

Any thoughts are appreciated!

See you in a week!

xo Leisa

I'll be "Away"....

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Just a heads up....Inspired By Peanut & Bean will be unavailable from October 6, 2011 until October 13, 2011.  Any emails or inquiries received during this time will be responded to as soon as possible after that date.  Thank you for your understanding and patience!

xo Leisa

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Outdoor Fall Decorating.....and a Project Idea!

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Well....I finally had to admit defeat.  Despite the persistent 30 degree daytime temperatures throughout September, the "barely above freezing" at night wreaked havoc on my flower planters.  Begrudgingly I pulled out the flowers and stuck in some scarecrows.  Bring on fall! I can't stop it from coming.....might as well embrace it! *wink*

....and....I saw this nifty little garland idea in a Christmas magazine once-upon-a-time (can't remember which one.....).  For two Christmases now I've been planning on making one for our tree...but have never had the time or the energy at tree decorating time. ;)  I stumbled upon some Halloween scrapbook paper in my basement (K and Company from several seasons ago) and decided to make one for Halloween instead! I think I'll hang it in our front window.  

I used a 2" craft circle punch and cut out several sheets of coordinating paper...then I glued two circles together on a long strand of jute string.  Easy peasy!  Get yourself a punch and make one/some of your own.  FYI.....I wouldn't have attempted this without a punch, however.....imaging cutting out all those little circles with scissor.  My hand aches just thinking about it.....groan!

Now that I see it's really not that time consuming, I think this may be the Christmas I actually get one made for the tree!