Notice: I am currently *not* accepting any new logo design projects. Current art prints are all still available....and stay tuned for new seasonal freebies!! Thanks!

Completed Logo Designs

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***A notice that effective immediately, I wont be accepting any new logo design projects***...{at least for now} My plan for the Spring is to offer some new custom art and a *revamped* logo design process. Stay tuned for what's to come!!

 Basic Design Package (logo, facebook profile, business card design)

Deluxe Design Package (Basic Package plus Etsy/Artfire collection)

Custom Design Package (inquire for pricing based on products you require)

Logo Design Packages:

Basic Package:
a Logo design that is yours to use as you please. Also included in this fee is a custom facebook profile picture and a business card design (single *or* double sided) that can be uploaded to any online site (such as Vista Print or Staples).

Deluxe Design Package:
Includes the above package (logo, business card, facebook profile picture) as well as a matching Etsy or Artfire banner/avatar set.

You are allowed as many changes as is required until you are absolutely happy with your designs and business image.  Once you have approved your proofs, I will send you a PayPal invoice for the designs.  Once I receive payment,  you will be sent your full sized un-watermarked high resolution digital files.  If you decide on any changes to your designs after you have paid and have received your full size files, they may be subject to additional fees :)

As mentioned above, you will receive files that can be taken to any print shop or uploaded to any online print company.  If you prefer, I can also have the business cards professionally printed for you for an additional fee. :)  I personally don't recommend printing business cards yourself from your printer using AVERY brand etc business card sheets......unless you've done so before yourself and have had *much* better luck than myself doing so! HA! Vista Print, Vera Print or Staples have excellent service and reasonable prices....perhaps you know other companies as well.

I try my very best to maintain open,  easy (and often times humorous!) communication through out the creation process.  I often do most of my work in the evenings, and may not be available until later hours of the day to address any email concerns or questions you may have...I appreciate your patience with that schedule. :)

I will present to you a preliminary proof of a logo design within 3-7 days of you approving that I start work on your design.  This is a starting point from which I will ask you to pick it apart....what you like, don't like, changes you would like to see etc.  You need to be very honest with me during this process as this will be *your* business image and you *must* feel happy about the end result! Once you have decided on the design of your *logo*,  I will continue to develop the other products of your package (ie facebook profile, business card design etc).

Any other information or design products you require, please don't hesitate to ask for quote!
xo Leisa