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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Hard Lessons...

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First......Find my Valentines Cards HERE! There's still time to get them in the mail!

Sooooo....In my haste to get some more little cards finished I learned a hard lesson today.   Actually, I learned several hard lessons. (*blush*)  I learned the importance of proper trim marks....if I really even need them in the first place.  I learned that "snap to grid" in photoshop is a royal pain in the rump. I learned when I've checked things twice and think all is well....I should check again. I learned when I know I'm rushing something, I need to chill out and step back from it. And I learned that when I say "I'm not going to turn this into a stress or an obligation etc" that I should listen to myself and mean it.

The moral of this story is I had a major self inflicted screw up with a huge order of cards....which has put me begrudgingly behind and has somewhat bruised my enthusiasm.  **big sigh**   But......hopefully by the end of this week, I'll have it somewhat sorted out and will be moving onward and upward....perhaps a little slower and more carefully than before. Ha!

Each of the little lovelies pictured below will be a little folded note card....I've decided not to put any lettering on them (like the "Thank You" I'd originally envisioned) because then one can use them for whatever strikes your fancy!

Another nudge to remind you Valentines Day is coming and some of my little note cards are still looking for a new home! *wink wink*  Find them HERE