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Sunday, October 2, 2011

Outdoor Fall Decorating.....and a Project Idea!

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Well....I finally had to admit defeat.  Despite the persistent 30 degree daytime temperatures throughout September, the "barely above freezing" at night wreaked havoc on my flower planters.  Begrudgingly I pulled out the flowers and stuck in some scarecrows.  Bring on fall! I can't stop it from coming.....might as well embrace it! *wink*

....and....I saw this nifty little garland idea in a Christmas magazine once-upon-a-time (can't remember which one.....).  For two Christmases now I've been planning on making one for our tree...but have never had the time or the energy at tree decorating time. ;)  I stumbled upon some Halloween scrapbook paper in my basement (K and Company from several seasons ago) and decided to make one for Halloween instead! I think I'll hang it in our front window.  

I used a 2" craft circle punch and cut out several sheets of coordinating paper...then I glued two circles together on a long strand of jute string.  Easy peasy!  Get yourself a punch and make one/some of your own.  FYI.....I wouldn't have attempted this without a punch, however.....imaging cutting out all those little circles with scissor.  My hand aches just thinking about it.....groan!

Now that I see it's really not that time consuming, I think this may be the Christmas I actually get one made for the tree!